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The three Prayer, Praise and Proclamation services provide a variety of forms for the gathering of God's people. Each takes its shape around the regular reading of the Bible. PPP 1 commences with confession; PPP 2 begins with praise and thanksgiving, with the confession coming as a response to the preaching; PPP 3 allows for the sermon to be the climax of the service.

Perhaps more than the other services in Sunday Services, these will work best if the leader has plenty of time to plan and prepare. They can be fresh and different each time and hang together as a whole if music, prayers, confessions are all carefully chosen.

As we have noted, each service has a particular shape: the different shapes suit different occasions. Think about a particular occasion - what is its purpose? who will be present? what is the theme? - before deciding which form to use. Once the purpose of a service is clear and what it is meant to achieve, choosing options and alternatives is much easier.

At several points, you can use the alternatives found at Occasional Prayers and Other Resources and also BCP or AAPB. Be careful to ensure an alternative set of words serves the same purpose as those they replace. The Declaration of Forgiveness should be replaced with a declaration of forgiveness, not with another prayer for forgiveness.

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