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using the occasional prayers
These occasional prayers are provided for use at appropriate points in the Sunday services to enrich and facilitate the prayer participation of the congregation in our worship together. The language is varied and aims to be simple and contemporary, with the lines short, rhythmical and easy to read aloud.

The selection is designed to be flexible, including both set prayers and patterns for prayer. There is a range of set prayers of varying length, complexity and content within each category, while the patterns provide suggestions and guidelines and allow a choice of wording by the leader with set congregational responses.

The selection in this book is not intended to cover all possible needs and occasions. Other more comprehensive modern resources are available.

For many regular Sunday worshippers, personal prayer during the week may be unstructured and narrowly focussed. These occasional prayers, while primarily designed for Sunday services, may also be used to enrich and widen the focus of the daily prayer life of the church member.

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