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form 1: why this form?
This order of the Lord's Supper is meant to be no more than an up to date translation of the Holy Communion Service in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) of 1662. It intends to follow closely the shape and theology of Book of Common Prayer (BCP) while using accessible contemporary language.

While other services of the Lord's Supper may include emphases on the resurrection of Christ and his coming again, this particular Holy Communion, deriving from Thomas Cranmer's remarkable service of 1552, is unambiguously focussed on the death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The service is therefore a modern presentation of the classic Anglican Lord's Supper, and was written to keep this style of service, with its special focus on the atonement and justification by faith.

form 2: why this form?
The Second Order is a development of the Lord's Supper services in Experimental Sunday Services 93 and is intended to meet the need for a simple but meaningful Lord's Supper service in a modern form.

The Second Order of the Lord's Supper is two versions of the one service [A and B]. Second Order A has the confession of sin early in the service and a modern version of the prayer of humble access in the Preparation for Communion. The Second Order B has the confession later in the service as part of the Preparation for Communion and there is provision for the greeting of peace following it. Otherwise both versions are identical.

Using these Forms
The services are in two basic parts. Gathering in God's Name, Hearing God's Word and The Prayers form the first part and may be conducted from where services of the word and prayer are normally conducted. The second part of the service, which begins with Preparation for Communion, focuses particularly on the Holy Communion and should be conducted entirely from the Holy Table with the possible exception of the last section, Going out to Serve (in Form 2).

Download Service of the Lord's Supper 1 (41kb)
Download Service of the Lord's Supper 2 (A & B) (65kb)

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