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This site is provided by the Archbishop of Sydney's Liturgical Panel to make the material in the book Sunday Services available in electronic form for use in Overheads, PowerPoint or service sheets. We also hope that those outside the diocese will benefit from our making this material available in this form.

Sunday Services Online provides important explanatory material that will assist you in understanding and using the services. By investing a few minutes in reading these pages you will gain more out of them.

The text is copyright, however permission is given for reproduction of this material provided no commercial advantage is obtained. Notice of copyright must appear on the title page or at the end of the services as follows:

This material is © copyright 2001 by The Archbishop of Sydney's Liturgical Panel. Used by Permission.

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All use must comply with the requirements of The Constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia. Enquiries concerning these requirements may be directed to a regional Archdeacon.

It is important that people manipulating the text files do not change the text nor alter the structure in any significant way. Such actions will mean that a service, for which permission to use has been obtained, is no longer authorised and also breaches the terms and conditions governing use of this material.

From the archbishop
Image - Peter F JensenThese services aim to provide liturgy which is biblical in content, intelligible in language and appropriate for our time and culture. The collection is an attempt to present services which will glorify the God we serve and build up and encourage his people as we gather in his name.

I commend these services for your consideration and invite parishes within the Sydney Diocese to apply for authorisation to use them.

Peter F Jensen
Archbishop of Sydney



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